BRC Packaging

Ovelar S.A. has recently started the implementation in BRC PACKAGING. As a result of this, there has been a great economic investment and deep adaptation of the existing facilities; in addition, the expansion and conditioning of new areas are being undertaken.

Certification in BRC Packaging will allow Ovelar to get a better position for sleeves and wrapping around in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors of the international market.

The BRC certification is focused to the sale of food products in international markets with the maximum guarantees of safety and adaptation to the demands of the consumer and of the distribution chains.

The advantages that Ovelar will obtain and will duly inform about, will be:

  • Having an HACCP system implemented and evaluated in order to verify compliance with the requirements of the BRC Standard to reduce or eliminate possible critical control points.
  • Exporting to international markets where this standard is required.
  • Comply with legal regulations on food safety.
  • Protocolised, operative and organised communication for the distribution chain, consumers and intermediaries.
  • Guaranteeing that your company complies with international food safetyalerts.
  • Having documented, implemented and evidenced a plan against food fraud.
  • Including documented, implemented and evidenced a Food Defence plan.
  • Controlling of the management of allergens present in raw materials, intermediate products or final products in an optimal way, in order to guarantee the health of the population with food intolerances or allergies.
  • Training company personnel in Food Hygiene, Food Fraud, Food Defence, allergens, occupational risk prevention, etc.

And finally, but also important, to assuring our customers that Ovelar manufactures products that are safe and comply with current food safety regulations.